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GHfind News Going Under

GHfind News is a project I started about a year and-a-half ago.  Most of the work that goes into GHfind is actually done behind the scenes, consisting primarily of research and associated data entry.  So the primary purpose of the news component was that by viewing it, visitors would know that the overall site is actively being worked on.  In other words a daily visitor for instance may falsely conclude that the project is not being updated since the main pages are only modified semi-regularly.  But by contrast, at least ideally speaking, the news page was visibly modified daily.  And also on a more personal level, working on GHfind News kept me abreast of current events not only in Ghana but also the world at large. But even 'til now, some 18 months later, the news component's viewership numbers are uninspiring.  Also like any labor, working on GHfind News is time consuming - i.e. minutes, hours and days that can rather be dedicated to expanding the database itself, which lie