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GHfind Database Reaches 1000th Entry (Finally)

This past week GHfind reached a milestone, as the 1000th business entity has been added to the database.  Yes, it took a lot longer to reach this point then I had idealized.  But the truth of the matter is that maintaining the database is very-painstaking work, which I don't always have as much time to dedicate to as I would like.  But still a milestone is a milestone and something to be celebrated.  And the fact that the site has been attracting an increasing number of visitors in recent months indicates that GHfind is in and of itself viable. A screenshot of the current GHfind Business Contact Information Submission page . For the most part, I have been doin g the data collection for compiling the database myself.  And at this rate, considering that there are innumerable businesses in Ghana, it may never be completed in my lifetime.  That is why I put a page up on the website whereas visitors can submit their own business-contact information.  Said page hasn't quite caught