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GHfind Music, GHfind News Being Put on Indefinite Hiatus

About a month ago I launched a new division of GHfind called GHfind Music .  That decision was driven more by the desire to create a venue for underground Ghanaian artists to make dough rather than profiting myself.  However things have not gone as idealized, as viewership to GHfind Music has been sparse.  Moreover it requires a time and resource commitment which, as circumstances have evolved, I am not presently willing to dedicate.  So for the time being, I figure it would be best to put GHfind Music on hold.  Indeed these days there appears to be sites popping up everywhere featuring innumerable musicians and their songs.  But that being said I'll still try to find a way to promote the artist, Tempo Music , I had featured on GHfind Music though more through the main site, not a subdomain. And along those same lines I've also decided to dead GHfind News .  All things considered, GHfind News was my personal favorite aspect of GHfind, as working on it kept me abreast with hea

Land for Sale @ University of Environment & Sustainable Development (Update)

Recently I was fortunate enough to get the scoop on some land for sale within the direct vicinity of the University of Environment & Sustainable Development (UESD), which was just commissioned by the President of Ghana less than two weeks ago. President Nana Akufo-Addo commissioned UEDS on 5 August 2020. As it stands now most of the land surrounding UEDS, i.e. the selfsame plots which are for sale via JoeTex Farms , are either mango farms or bush.  Those in the know would recognize that this is a ripe business opportunity.  For it is inevitable that within the next few years hostels, eateries and perhaps even more (i.e. mini malls) will popup in the area. If you want a recent example of what I'm talking about, take a look at the community surrounding the University of Professional Studies (UPSA) in Madina.  What was once a relatively-bland area is now highlighted by high-rise student hostels, premiere shops and some of the best restaurants/supermarkets in that part of Accr


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