Recently a new component of GHfind, entitled GHfind Music, has been setup at subdomain  The purpose of this particular site is to feature and sell music by Ghanaian artists.


As I previously reported, recently I visited the Arts Centre in Accra.  The place has changed a lot since the last time I've been there a couple of years back.  For instance due to the pandemic you don't see any foreigners around, whereas usually you would run into people from both the US and Europe.  Also that big football field in the middle of the centre has now been converted into something like a market, with apparently some of the market women from Tema Station and its environs having been relocated there.  Also that big mountain of garbage that used dominate part of the centre has since been removed.

The front cover of Tempo Music's new project,
No More Slavery (2020).

While there I ran into an old homey named Tempo Music who just came out with a new CD.  Tempo is more of a producer than a vocalist.  So the CD itself is mainly other reggae artists chanting over his riddims.

Samini, a long-established musician in Ghana, complained
 that he's never been paid royalties domestically.

Also recently, while working on GHfind News, I came across a few articles whereas professional musicians in Ghana are lamenting over the economic state of the industry here.  Indeed even Samini himself, who can be considered a permanent A list artist in GH, recently claimed that he was never paid royalties for domestic sales.  I mean when I read that I was totally flabbergasted.

So then there's this other musician who stays out by the Arts Centre called Yehovah Playass.  He was telling me that a few years back he gave his own CD to some dude from Germany to upload to the internet and hasn't heard from him since.  And I was explaining to him that it's difficult enough trying to make money streaming songs, even in places like Europe.

So putting all of these different emotions and knowledge together I started conceptualizing a way whereas I can personally help musicians like Playass and Tempo here in GH.  And after fiddling around with the idea for a bit I came to the conclusion that for now the best way would be to sell their music using GHfind, under a deal that will actually pay them a respectable amount of dough if the song or project manages to blow up.  I mean it's better than your track or video being played on the radio or TV and like Samini is saying not being paid anything.


As such GHfind Music has been inaugurated with Tempo Music's aforementioned CD, which is entitled No More Slavery (2020).  So if you visit the site at this very moment, it is the sole album being featured.

All 16 tracks are in the process of being made streamable, with an option to purchase.  The music can be purchased, in MP3 format, by customers in Ghana by filling out a form found on the site and then sending the payment via MTN Mobile Money.  As for No More Slavery, each individual track costs GH¢1.50, and the entire album is GH¢20.00.

People outside of Ghana can also purchase the album by sending the payment to GHfind's PayPal account, which is situate at email address  For outsiders the album only costs $5.00USD.  And once you make the payment into the PayPal account notify me, and I'll get the MP3s to you ASAP.

The way the compensation system is currently set up is that when a song or album is sold, the artist gets 50% of the money, and GHfind keeps the other 50%.  So if other musicians out there also want to get down with the program, they should give me a shoutout at the link above.

And I know that once music is made available for streaming, savvy internet users can copy it without actually paying.  But all I have to say on that matter is remember the spirit behind the project.  If you decide to store a song/album on your own device, then do the right thing and show love to the artist who created it.  The music we sell is intentionally inexpensive.  And it shouldn't be the case in Ghana whereas professional musicians have to struggle to feed themselves unless they blow up internationally.


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