Hyperlinked Telephone Numbers to Exclude International Calling Code (+233) Prefix

GHfind is designed in such a way whereas if you visit the site on a mobile device, the search results from the database include hyperlinked telephone numbers to the business entities listed so that they can be easily contacted directly.  A few months ago I decided to add Ghana's international calling code (+233) to these telephone numbers so that if someone is calling from outside the country, they wouldn't have to bother to add it.

However I have now decided to remove the calling code henceforth.  And there are two reasons for this decision.  One is that the database has been conceptualized in such a way whereas it is meant to encourage business transactions moreso internally than externally.  In other words most of the businesses listed probably aren't going to be contacted by foreigners in the first place.  And secondly, the main reason I'm now excluding the country code is because when you do click the hyperlink to make a call, when the phone number appears with the code it can look cumbersome or perhaps even intimidating to some people.

So if you are a foreigner visiting GHfind on a mobile device and decide to actually place a call using a hyperlink, in most instances you will be tasked with entering Ghana's country code yourself.  This process is actually quite simple.  And as for the larger businesses and government offices, I will still format their phone numbers to include the country code embedded within, since they have more of a likelihood to be contacted by someone outside of Ghana.


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