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Recently a new component of GHfind , entitled GHfind Music , has been setup at subdomain .  The purpose of this particular site is to feature and sell music by Ghanaian artists. HOW GHFIND MUSIC CAME ABOUT As I previously reported , recently I visited the Arts Centre in Accra .  The place has changed a lot since the last time I've been there a couple of years back.  For instance due to the pandemic you don't see any foreigners around, whereas usually you would run into people from both the US and Europe.  Also that big football field in the middle of the centre has now been converted into something like a market, with apparently some of the market women from Tema Station and its environs having been relocated there.  Also that big mountain of garbage that used dominate part of the centre has since been removed. The front cover of Tempo Music 's new project, No More Slavery (2020). While there I ran into an old homey named Tempo Music

Hyperlinked Telephone Numbers to Exclude International Calling Code (+233) Prefix

GHfind is designed in such a way whereas if you visit the site on a mobile device, the search results from the database include hyperlinked telephone numbers to the business entities listed so that they can be easily contacted directly.  A few months ago I decided to add Ghana's international calling code (+233) to these telephone numbers so that if someone is calling from outside the country, they wouldn't have to bother to add it. However I have now decided to remove the calling code henceforth.  And there are two reasons for this decision.  One is that the database has been conceptualized in such a way whereas it is meant to encourage business transactions moreso internally than externally.  In other words most of the businesses listed probably aren't going to be contacted by foreigners in the first place.  And secondly, the main reason I'm now excluding the country code is because when you do click the hyperlink to make a call, when the phone number appears wi