"The Value of Our Worth" by Ken Divine

This post isn't anything directly Ghana-related.  But rather its purpose is to promote a book my big bro, Ken Divine, just published entitled The Value of Our Worth.  And I decided to do so on this blog since I had the pleasure of editing the work myself.


The Value of Our Worth centers on the plight of female athletes.  More specifically, it focuses on women basketball players at all levels (elementary, high school, collegiate and professional).  I knew that female athletes in traditionally male sports tend to face criticism, but this novel proved to be an eye-opener in terms of some of the discouraging sh*t they have to go through.

My personal-favorite part of the book was the dialogue.  It is also quite-intriguing, almost like a movie.  In fact I told Ken that he would have to by all means come out with a sequel to tie-up some of the lingering storylines.  Additionally for some strange reason I found myself favoring the book's antagonists.

Also it should be noted that it is not a traditional novel but rather a photonovel.  The easiest way to describe a photonovel is as a comic book which features photographs of real people (i.e. actors) as opposed to drawings.  However at the same time actually labeling it a comic book is far from an accurate description because this isn't about superheros or anything fictional per se.  Rather Ken Divine himself - again being my own big brother - has been actually coaching women's basketball for about as long as I can remember.

He also has his own online shop which can be found at this link.  In addition to a number of photonovels he has written he also sells women's swimwear and lingerie and the like, so please take note before clicking that link.  Meanwhile the book itself can purchased via this URL.


And also don't forget that in addition to managing GHfind, I also provide writing and editing services.  So if you're in need of a writer or editor and the price is right, holla at your boy at telephone number 050-537-0677 or email address malcolm@ghfind.net.


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