Out With the Old, In With the New

It's with somewhat of a sad heart that I'm hear to announce that, as of today, I will discontinue working on GHfind News.  I really enjoyed laboring on that aspect GHfind and maybe one day will re-commence.  But as of now, no one is really visiting that side of the site.

What I've decided to do instead is embark on a new project called GHfind Music.  To make a long story short, this weekend I found myself chillin' out at the Arts Centre with one of my old homeys, Jeovah Playass.  Anyone who is familiar with that part of Accra knows that it is largely populated by Rastafarianss.  And anyone who is really familiar with the homeys there would also know that many of them are musicians.

The former residence of Papa Jah, a well-known figure from the
Arts Centre / Akuma Village who passed away a few years ago.

The Arts Centre is a part of Accra where a lot of foreigners (under normal circumstances) visit.  As such many of the Rastas have foreign homeys who try to help out their plight when they can.  For instance Playass, who is a musician himself, was telling me he gave his old CD, entitled Scriptures, to some European dude to upload for him.

Now one of the biggest drawbacks of trying to make legit money online in Ghana is that there aren't any payment gateways available whereas you can actually registering an account to receive money from outside websites.  For instance whereas you may be able to setup a PayPal account (if you have a contact in the US) you can't actually withdraw money from it since you cannot link it, at least to my knowledge, to any of the banks here in Ghana.  Or perhaps there can be one of two that you can.  But these days, less people are dealing with banks due to the advent of mobile money.  Indeed the type of paperwork you have to present to a banking institution in order to perhaps setup such an internationally-accessible account, most people here wouldn't possess such anyway.

In other words if a local-Ghanaian musician succeeds in uploading music to any of the popular streaming sites such as Tidal, Apple Music or even YouTube (Spotify, to my knowledge, isn't even accessible in Ghana), there is no way for them to actually get paid for their streams unless someone in a First World country were to receive the funds for them.  That's another of saying that unless the track really blows up, giving it to a foreigner to upload for streaming purposes wouldn't even be profitable.  In fact the way the system is setup, even outside artists would have to really drop a banger in order to make significant money from streaming.  And Ghanaian artists already have it tough enough as is without having to give a cut to someone on the outside.

So then this other homey named Tempo gave me his new CD, Tempo Music & Friends, to post online.  At first I was thinking of creating an independent site for it, similar to Espresso Blaque.  But at the same time I was like man, wouldn't it be groovy if somehow I can setup a site here in Ghana whereas local artists can be paid - via MTN for instance - for their streams?  So that's the concept that GHfind Music is based on.

I don't want to talk too much now.  I'll wait until I actually get the site up and working before writing an entire post about it.  So even though I used this particular article to introduce GHfind Music, the real reason I started it is to rather announce the dissolution of GHfind News.


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