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Out With the Old, In With the New

It's with somewhat of a sad heart that I'm hear to announce that, as of today, I will discontinue working on GHfind News.  I really enjoyed laboring on that aspect GHfind and maybe one day will re-commence.  But as of now, no one is really visiting that side of the site.
What I've decided to do instead is embark on a new project called GHfind Music.  To make a long story short, this weekend I found myself chillin' out at the Arts Centre with one of my old homeys, Jeovah Playass.  Anyone who is familiar with that part of Accra knows that it is largely populated by Rastafarianss.  And anyone who is really familiar with the homeys there would also know that many of them are musicians.

The Arts Centre is a part of Accra where a lot of foreigners (under normal circumstances) visit.  As such many of the Rastas have foreign homeys who try to help out their plight when they can.  For instance Playass, who is a musician himself, was telling me he gave his old CD, entitled Scrip…

"The Value of Our Worth" by Ken Divine

This post isn't anything directly Ghana-related.  But rather its purpose is to promote a book my big bro, Ken Divine, just published entitled The Value of Our Worth.  And I decided to do so on this blog since I had the pleasure of editing the work myself.

The Value of Our Worth centers on the plight of female athletes.  More specifically, it focuses on women basketball players at all levels (elementary, high school, collegiate and professional).  I knew that female athletes in traditionally male sports tend to face criticism, but this novel proved to be an eye-opener in terms of some of the discouraging sh*t they have to go through.

My personal-favorite part of the book was the dialogue.  It is also quite-intriguing, almost like a movie.  In fact I told Ken that he would have to by all means come out with a sequel to tie-up some of the lingering storylines.  Additionally for some strange reason I found myself favoring the book's antagonists.

Also it should be noted that it is …