I wanted to use this occasion to introduce a new music site I'm currently working on.  It is for one of my homeys from Brooklyn who operates under the moniker Murda Ra the King Cobra.  And the name of his overall musical project is Espresso Blaque.  Therefore the site can be found at the URL

At the current moment it is under construction and will likely remain so for a couple of more weeks.  For this particular project I'm using WordPress, as Espresso Blaque is meant to be more-graphical than say GHfind.  And along those same lines I'm also utilizing the services of an additional graphic designer, a homey from the Cape Coast we call Sir Rhule.  Also Murda Ra himself is quite good at creating content.  In fact if GHfind ever needs original music for any future project, I'm sure that he can produce it.


And on that note this post is also meant to serve as a reminder that GHfind can create websites for interested clients.  So if you are in need of one at a respectable price, please feel free to get in touch via Facebook, Whatsapp or email.


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