Ghana to Produce PPEs

Virtually all countries depend on imports.  But one of the unexpected, if you will, aftereffects of coronavirus pandemic has been that countries which are highly-dependent on imported goods, such as Ghana, are now compelled to manufacture more products on their own.  In other words factories around the world are closing down, and as a result shipping, as it stands now, is not what it used to be.  But whereas this situation is indeed a misfortune for some, it can also be flipped into a positive.  Or as the late African scholar Ali Mazrui (1933-2014) once said, "Africa produces what it does not consume and consumes what it does not produce."  So now would be a good time for us to actually produce what we consume.

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment.  And in the case of the coronavirus, this terms has become extremely popular and is applied to face masks, gloves and the like.


So recently, Ghana's Food and Drug Authority (FDA) has authorized 45 domestic companies to produce PPEs for the local populace.  Those are the ones highlighted in the pics above.  Perhaps some of their related products will get exported also.

At the current moment the mandatory usage of face masks is being ramped up in Ghana.  And the rationale behind which the FDA has gone about approving certain companies to produce PPEs apparently has something to do with the fact that many which people are currently using are not actually up-to-par.

So at the moment I'm currently in the process of also adding these companies to the GHfind database.  I'm doing contact research on them as we speak, and some of them are not explicitly in the healthcare business.  Therefore if they come up in the search results on the website, their may be not any indication that they're in the PPE business.  However if you do a search for "coronavirus", "COVID-19" or "PPEs" they will still appear.  And ideally all 45 entrants will be added to the database by this time tomorrow.


So today for the first time I visited a part of Ghana where facemasks are mandatory.  And you see people walking around selling water, snacks and the usual stuff.  But it would have been really cool and convenient if some of them were hawking locally-made face masks instead.  In fact I'm a bit surprised that they don't actually sell them at the checkpoint, where if someone arrives without they'll have the option of buying one as opposed to being turned away.  So now that they have been approved, I guess the name of the game is production and distribution.


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