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Land for Sale in Somanya (University of Environment & Sustainable Development)

I have a homey named Joe Tetteh who owns large swarths of land within and adjacent to Somanya , with Somanya being a town in the Eastern Region of Ghana.  He's into a lot of different businesses, but his primary economic activity is mango farming and exporting.  And accordingly he owns a company called JoeTex Farms . Joe Tetteh (far left) in Germany circa 2013. Thus most of his land is actually dedicated to that activity.  However he also sells some for residential and commercial purposes.  In fact to my knowledge he's the one who sold the land which the Government used to erect the soon-to-be-commenced University of Environment and Sustainable Development . So with the university itself being situate on the main (Accra-Kpong) road, he still owns the acres of land behind it.  And recently he took me back there and said that he wanted me to market it on GHfind .  So the purpose of this post is to compile the related information I've accumulated thus far.  And

Ghana Telephone 'Area Codes'

This post features charts that previously appeared at the bottom of the results' page of the GHfind database .  I put it there so that, if a person wanted, he or she would know which area or network they were calling in Ghana before actually clicking a hyperlink to do so.  However placing these charts on that page made its appearance more cumbersome.  So I decided to replace them with a link that points to this point instead. To some degree, Ghana's 'area code' system is similar to the US, at least as far as landlines are concerned.  In other words if a phone number begins with the following three (or two, if you're calling from outside) digits, that means it is located in the region listed below: 030 Greater Accra 031 Western Region 032 Ashanti Region 033 Central Region 034 Eastern Region 035 Brong Ahafo 036 Volta Region

Ghana to Produce PPEs

Virtually all countries depend on imports.  But one of the unexpected, if you will, aftereffects of coronavirus pandemic has been that countries which are highly-dependent on imported goods, such as Ghana, are now compelled to manufacture more products on their own.  In other words factories around the world are closing down, and as a result shipping , as it stands now, is not what it used to be.  But whereas this situation is indeed a misfortune for some, it can also be flipped into a positive.  Or as the late African scholar Ali Mazrui (1933-2014) once said , "Africa produces what it does not consume and consumes what it does not produce."  So now would be a good time for us to actually produce what we consume. PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment .  And in the case of the coronavirus, this terms has become extremely popular and is applied to face masks, gloves and the like.   So recently, Ghana's Food and Drug Authority (FDA)  has authorized 45 do

Customer Service in GH

As someone who has spent a considerable amount of time in both the United States and Ghana, I have noticed certain differences between the two nations.  Indeed such is to be expected when you consider that these countries are separated by thousands of miles and a deadass ocean.  But in this case I'm not talking about the obvious, naked-eye types of observations.  Rather I want to focus on an aspect of modern society which we can perhaps say is unseen yet still affects us all, that being customer service. Now before I go any further, let me say that I'm not trying to diss anybody.  In anthropology there is a concept referred to cultural relativism which generally defined means that an outsider should not judge another society's culture, since different cultures are formed via the unique history of a people.  So with in mind, I would say that whereas professionalism is a concept that is heavily espoused in the United States, it is not so much in Ghana.  Indeed such is t