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Freeware Review: VirtualDub

Sometimes a freeware can be surprisingly-robust in the multitude of features it offers.  One that jumps to mind in that regard is Gimp .  But whereas Gimp is an image processor, in this case we're going to focus on a video processor, that being VirtualDub . The VirtualDub setup is only 2MB in size, and after install it only takes up about 4MB on drive space.  But don't let its smallness fool you, for as aforementioned it offers more functions than can be listed here. The entire program was developed by some dude named Avery Lee .  And it has its own website .  But in terms of actually downloading the program, I suggest you do so via FileHippo . WHAT I USE IT FOR Now as alluded to earlier, VirtualDub performs more functions than a layman like me can really understand.  But I use it primarily for two purposes.  One is to edit videos, as in perhaps cut out a specific section.  This is something which another freeware, Windows Movie Maker , can probably do fas