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GHfind Database Has Been Reposted

In the last post I wrote  so many moons ago, I stated that GHfind was being transitioned into a news-aggregation website.  And yes, we did some news aggregating for awhile and intend to continue to do so into the foreseeable future.  But as you are likely well aware things have changed dramatically in recent months, and my mind concerning that particular course of action has changed likewise. For instance once the coronavirus really started worrying Ghana, I felt bad not only that the database was down but also that it wasn't as comprehensive as envisioned by this point.  But I also believed that now wasn't the type of time to be adopting a shoulda woulda coulda type of mentality.  Instead I republished the database expeditiously.  Moreover as for the near future (i.e. until the pandemic blows over), new entries that will be added into it will focus on the contact information of healthcare providers. Also considering that Accra , Kumasi , Tema and Obuasi are r