GHfind About to Transition Wholly Into a News Aggregator

A couple of days ago I wrote a post explaining how I had recently decided to dedicate more time to a news-related GHfind sub-site as opposed to the online database itself.  I've always felt that the database was "the true heart of" this project.  But now it's more like I'm about to pull the plug on that side of the endeavor altogether, rather focusing exclusively on news aggregation.

If a person has a million-dollar idea but doesn't have the necessary support system in place to bring that vision into physical reality, that does not alter the commercial viability of the idea itself.  In other words I still think the online database is a sound concept, one that someone may pickup on in the future.  But for me to sit here like this with that particular component stagnating in limbo is breaking my heart.

However, as mentioned before, GHfind News is a lot easier to maintain than the database itself.  So the plan for the immediate future is to build it up to the point where it will attract sponsors and advertisers.  Also it may eventually feature original articles by reporters I hire myself.  So that being said for all intents and purposes GHfind News is now GHfind itself.

Therefore within the next 48 hours or so the URL will actually take a visitor directly to GHfind News.  And as for the database, it will likely be taken off the internet altogether.


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