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Introducing... GHfind News

The truth of the matter is that I don't have as much time to dedicate to GHfind as I would like.  Nor are the resources currently available to hire a truly committed, competent employee.  As such the project is suffering as a whole, especially in terms of expeditious completion of the database. As such I decided to start a new sub-site called GHfind News , which can be found at the URL .  It is basically a collection of links to news articles.  Most of them are directly related to Ghana, but it also includes those pertaining to West Africa or other parts of the world in some cases. When visiting the site you may notice that it is basically all text.  This is intentional.  First of all, as premised above, this method allows me to work on it while not having to spend time doing any kind of serious programming or design.  But moreover it was intentionally designed after Drudge Report , a popular news site that is like 90% text. I did some research on