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Ghana Hotel Directory Being Added to GHfind Database

This project has not been progressing as idealized.  For instance I always envisioned GHfind as a street-based initiative, whereas agents would be on the roadside actively gathering contact information on various businesses.  But implementing this ideology in an expeditious fashion has proven to be a hindrance.  So now, in the name of not letting the site stagnate, I'm once again resorting to gathering information via the internet. And what I will be working over the next couple of weeks is adding the information from a directory of hotels in Ghana posted by the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) , meaning that it is official. This list was created back in 2017.  So adding it isn't just a matter of cutting and pasting.  Instead some research has to be conducted, as much as reasonably possible, to find out if said institutions are still in existence.  As such those that cannot be verified will not be added to the database itself. But as aforementioned the GTA is a reli