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Krobofind Now Back Online

I'm proud to announce that Krobofind is now back online, after being off for what I believe would have been a couple of years now.
The database is really terse at the moment, as unfortunately some of the contacts pointing specifically to Kroboland were lost when they were re-extracted from what we've thus far collected for the rest of Ghana.  However the plan is to get some agents on the roads soon to start collecting fresh information.
Unlike last time, the current plan is not to incorporate a lot of multimedia into website.  Instead I want it to be really, really easy-to-use in terms of fulfilling its primary purpose, which is providing the contact information for businesses in Kroboland.  As such other sites like Facebook and YouTube will likely be used for Krobofind's multimedia purposes, at least for the time being.

GHfind to Be Back Online Soon

GHfind (under the name "GHfone") has been on hiatus now for over a year now.  But I'm proud to announce the site is slated to be back up by mid-October.  And the future for the project being successfully completed is looking brighter than ever.
GHfind was originally conceptualized as a project called Krobofind.  In other words before we got the idea to put together an online database of all businesses in Ghana, the focus was initially on a specific locality within the country called Kroboland.  And Krobofind - an initiative whose effectiveness was proven during the brief time it was online - is also scheduled to be back online within 72 hours of this post.
Its primary purpose is still the same - to collect the contact information of businesses in Kroboland.  But now Krobofind is also serving as a pilot program for how the rest of GHfind will be implemented.  That is to say that Kroboland will be the first large community which we will set out to catalog in its entirety b…