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Ras Bobo's Artworks Part 2

The purpose of this post is not only to feature more of Ras Bobo Anuah 's artworks but also to list how much it actually costs to send them overseas to interested customers: ITEM WEIGHT UNIT PRICE SHIPPING SUBTOTAL OVERHEAD TOTAL Painting 11g 25.00 6.31 31.31 4.70 36.01 Carving 80g 25.00 18.72 43.72 6.59 $50.31 These prices are for shipping the items to any country in Europe or North America .  Prices to other countries may cost more (or less), and we can research and provide such information upon the customer's request.  The overhead is 15% of the subtotal, and the grand total (in bold) is the subtotal plus the overhead.  All prices listed are in US Dollars.  Also grand total prices can be rounded to the nearest dollar, so a painting can be purchased for $36.00USD and a carving for $50.00. I didn't feature any pics of the carvings in this post, but feel free to have a look at some in

Importance of Obtaining Original Files When Dealing with Graphic Designers

I often find myself in the position of designing a website or other form of documentation for a client that requires use of his company's logo, but he'll only have the logo in the form of JPG when a transparent GIF or PNG is preferable, and even with the latter two it's virtually impossible to make any kind of significant adjustments except for cropping and overall color changes. When consulting a graphic designer for any kind of design it's always better to obtain a copy of the original graphics' file if you perceive you'll use it again in the future for any reason.  In other words if the product was designed in CorelDRAW  then the client should try to obtain a copy of the original CorelDRAW file, even if he has no idea on how to use the program himself.  Yet I can't remember ever designing a website for anyone who had access to his original logo unless he designed it himself.  I think there are a number general reasons this happens: 1 - The graphic designe

Ras Bobo's Artworks

Ras Bobo @ his new shop @ Ko-Sa Beach Resort in Elmina GHfind is currently teaming up with  Ras Bobo Anuah  from the University of Cape Coast to feature and sell some of his original African artwork online to an international audience. All paintings and carvings shown cost only $25.00USD.  Shipping is an additional charge, and we're currently researching to find out how much each item costs to send overseas though according to my calculations sending a painting over regular post to the States or Europe shouldn't cost more than $10, and as for the carvings I don't think they weigh even 1kilo. The surface of the paintings are  canvas , meaning they can easily be rolled up like a scroll and sent safely and affordably over regular mail.  The names of the pieces are simple but the artwork exquisite: Black & White Mask  by Ras Bobo Carrying a Pot  by Ras Bobo Carrying Firewood  by Ras Bobo Culture Dancers  by Ras Bobo Efutu Village  by Ras Bobo Here are some of the carving

SoundHypeGH is a blog founded by Ceasar da Sniper , a music promoter from Somanya in the Eastern Region .  I was working on the site a few months ago, stopped but have now resumed since the beginning of this month.  Ceasar has moved on to start a new site called CeasarPromo , so now I have basically unfettered control over SoundHype, a blog whose primary purpose is to promote Ghanaian music artists. Previously the site focused mostly on musicians from Kroboland , but I'm trying to spread the net more over the whole Ghana and indeed internationally hoping to feature artists, like my homeys Espresso Blaque , from Stateside soon.  My main goal as of right now is to be able to feature a new post daily in order to build-up regular viewership and expand the featured artists' chances of going viral and finding better recording deals, and my secondary goal is to get the logo redesigned since I don't have access to the original file. So on that note for those of you that are inter

2017 US Visa Refusal Rate for Each African Country

It's no secret that millions of Africans would love to have the opportunity, primarily for economic reasons, to live and work in the United States .  It's also no secret that most who do make the effort (e.g. pay the money) to apply get rejected, and this situation isn't likely to improve with Donald Trump as President. If Donald Trump actually does eight years in office then it's safe to assume that he, like his three predecessors, will also visit Ghana during his Presidency. A lot of times I have Ghanaians asking me to help them get to the States, and I always tell them Ghana 's refusal rate is exceptionally high especially considering that it's generally perceived the two countries have a pretty-good relationship - what with the three prior US Presidents ( Clinton , Bush and Obama ) all visiting Ghana as well as the ratification of the recent military agreement - but the articles that give the actual refusal percentage always seem to vary.  So this time I

Changes to GHfind Website /

Changes were recently made to the domain where now instead of pointing to a conventional, multi-page website it brings you directly to the this blog which before was only a minor component of the site.  The primary reason for such a drastic change was that in general visitation to the site had dropped dramatically in the last two months, and in response I concluded that basing it instead on CMS (widgets), which  it seems most sites are using these days, as opposed to a more-traditional HTML template would make it more-modern and attractive.  Moreover concentrating the information of the entire website into just this blog eliminates the burden of having to perpetually maintain multiple pages. However now that serves as a third-party domain pointed directly at a Google blog there have been drawbacks.  For instance I can no longer upload pages I design myself to this domain.  Also it seems I can no longer use email addresses under it. Besides this blog the only oth