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Interview: Serial Volunteer Evert Van Effelen

On 16 May 2018 while working with Be The Change Foundation I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Evert Van Effelen from the Netherlands , someone who had volunteered with the organization in the past and came by to check on its progress.  What I thought would be a casual exchange of pleasantries led to an hour-long conversation in which I was so intrigued with Evert that I requested to interview him the next day for this blog, of which he obliged. Evert @ Twitter Paradise Guest House in Ampenyi , Elmina Words in parenthesis are those I think I heard correctly but am not 100% sure.  "Unintelligble" means I couldn't make out what he was saying on the recording at all.  Words in bold are proper nouns, and "laughter" is of course laughter. INTERVIEW WITH EVERT VAN EFFELEN 17 MAY 2018 MA:   Good morning.   This is Malcolm Aaron.   I’m interviewing a serial volunteer from the Netherlands to Ghana named Evert Van Uffelen. Evert, I just wanted to ask you what first… when

Freeware Review: Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an android emulator, basically meaning you can use it to turn your laptop or desktop into a giant android device and as such run android apps on your PC that under normal circumstances wouldn't work in Windows .  Achieving this functionality isn't as simple as it sounds as not only is BlueStacks almost 300MB, but it also consumes more RAM than any other program I use.  So accordingly when using it I tend to close all other programs, including graphic designers and even office-related applications, that may slow the computer down, and I also don't like to leave BlueStacks running in the background but rather close it when I'm finished using it. "PLAY BIGGER" Of course the people who would benefit the most from having a large android display are gamers who can enjoy the benefit of playing android games on a bigger screen, and as you can see from the above logo and indeed their  official website  this is how the BlueStacks' company mainly marke

Freeware Review: Parallel Space

This is the first in a series of articles that will highlight some of the best free software (freeware) available on the 'net.  Sometimes software can be expensive and even inaccessible in this part of the world, so it's cool to be aware of free alternatives as well as applications that can help us in everyday life. One such program is Parallel Space .  Parallel Space allows you to run two instances of the same app on a singular android.  So for instance you can have two Whatsapp accounts or two Messenger accounts (which I think is what most people use Parallel Space for) on the same android, which really comes in useful if for instance like many of us you're using a dual-sim 'droid and want a Whatsapp account allocated to each of your numbers.  Also if you have two separate Facebook accounts now you can receive messages from them both without the hassle of logging in and out. The only thing I don't particularly like about Parallel Space is that every time you boo

Private Tertiary Institutions in Ghana Added to GHfind Phonebook

The GHfind Phonebook now features the contact information on almost all 82 "private tertiary institutions offering degree programmes" in Ghana as provided via the National Accreditation Board's website .  One of two had to be omitted due to inability to find adequate contact information for them on the internet. I'm currently processing the list of police stations as provided by a site called Nationton Republic .  This one should go pretty smoothly as all I'm basically entering is their phone numbers since all of the departments apparently share a common website and email address.