Vodafone Done Jacked My Credit

Vodafone has been linked by some independent researchers to the KKK.
Vodafone Ghana has a system whereby customers can request a credit advance (by dialling *505#) at a fee of 15% interest.  The amount they credit you is based on how much you usually spend topping-up and how fast you paid off previous debts.  To my knowledge the minimum they allot is GH₵1.00 (which now seems to have been raised to GH₵1.50), and the maximum is GH₵15.00.  

If you take a long time paying off a previous loan, no matter how big it may have been, when you reapply Voda is only going to credit you the minimum advance, which again I think now has been raised to ₵1.50 because I borrowed for the first time today after taking like two weeks to payoff a previous advance, and that's what they gave me.  My goal was to just bundle some small data to conduct some light browsing throughout the day.  I didn't even want ₵1.50 because traditionally Vodafone has a daily bundle where you get like 50MB for ₵1.00, but lo and behold, that bundle no longer exists, and the only option ₵1.50 can actually afford is 20MB for ₵0.50.  Now this presents a number of issues.  For instance 20MB can be consumed in a heartbeat, even on an android, so chances browsing with ₵1.50 you're going to have to purchase more than one bundle, which can be irritating asfuk.  Second is that, as I mentioned in my previous article about internet service providers in Ghana, if you bundle and leave any excess credit on your chip (that isn't bonus) chances are the service providers are going to consume the credit before you get a chance to use it - or as we called it in the old days steal that sh*t.

For instance as aforementioned this morning I borrowed ₵1.50, bundled ₵0.50 of it, didn't make any calls or exhaust my data but yet currently have a balance of only ₵0.30, meaning ₵0.70 has been jacked from my account in the span of about an hour since I made the transaction, and I'm confident within a matter of time even those remaining 30 pesewas will disappear.  Before I realized what was going on I went out and purchased a ₵5.00 Vodafone card with the intent of using it to pay off the debt (₵1.65) and then activating a more-powerful bundle (550MB/₵3.00), but now that I know they're going to jack the remaining ₵0.35 it's like damn, might as well have stuck to MTN.


Although both Vodafone and MTN, the two largest telecommunication companies in Ghana, abuse their customers like this, in the grand scheme of things I now believe it's better off to just stick to MTN for general browsing (not necessarily downloading) because you can use Mobile Money to buy credit for your phone, and you can send the exact amount you need to purchase the bundle to your chip without leaving anything leftover to be unfairly deducted.


I now realize that the leftover credit is being deducted for browsing.  In other words even though I've bundled and still have plenty of data left, Voda is arbitrarily consuming my remaining credit at a pay-as-you-go rate, which of course makes it disappear in seconds.


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