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Education Colleges Added to GHfind Database

I've recently entered contact information on all 41 colleges of education located in Ghana as listed by Wikipedia.  The breakdown for the number of these institutions per region is as follows:

Accra - 2
Ashanti - 8
Brong Ahafo - 5
Central - 3
Eastern - 5 Northern - 4
Volta - 7
Upper East - 2
Upper West - 2
Western - 3
I commend those who have functioning websites complete with accurate contact information, and as for those who didn't I had to resort to third-party sites like T-Tel (and of course Facebook), and in some cases even that wasn't sufficient.

Currently I'm entering the information of all accredited higher-educational institutions in Ghana offering degree programs via the National Accreditation Board website.  These institutions seem more committed to having active websites, so hopefully compiling data for them should prove to be a more expeditious venture than for the colleges of education.

The Demise of GHfind Billboard

GHfind Billboardwas a short-lived initiative whereas I sought a more prominent, individualized way to promote businesses in Ghana that is more multimedia-based than GHfind Phonebook since the latter is search-first and by and large doesn't incorporate any multimedia but is mainly composed of text.  Of course the first option was to use Facebook - GHfind as a billboard, but up until recently I've been having issues as in most of the URLs I posted seemed unable to extract images from their respective websites, which was imperative in making the posts more attractive.   Now I figured out how to rectify that problem, by simply adding a forward slash to the end of the URL, and since website addresses look better without the last slash once Facebook picks the images then I go back and remove it, but the images will still remain.
GHfind Billboard was implemented partially based on an ideology of handcrafting ads, a very-uncommon practice in the age of robots, and in that regard I may …

Vodafone Done Jacked My Credit

Vodafone Ghana has a system whereby customers can request a credit advance (by dialling *505#) at a fee of 15% interest.  The amount they credit you is based on how much you usually spend topping-up and how fast you paid off previous debts.  To my knowledge the minimum they allot is GH₵1.00 (which now seems to have been raised to GH₵1.50), and the maximum is GH₵15.00.  
If you take a long time paying off a previous loan, no matter how big it may have been, when you reapply Voda is only going to credit you the minimum advance, which again I think now has been raised to ₵1.50 because I borrowed for the first time today after taking like two weeks to payoff a previous advance, and that's what they gave me.  My goal was to just bundle some small data to conduct some light browsing throughout the day.  I didn't even want ₵1.50 because traditionally Vodafone has a daily bundle where you get like 50MB for ₵1.00, but lo and behold, that bundle no longer exists, and the only option ₵1.5…