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Ghana ISP Comparison

The general mood amongst the Ghanaian populace is that all telecoms cheat, and in this article I will focus primarily on Vodafone, not necessarily their questionable ways but rather how to prevent yourself from losing credit browsing that you may not intend to.  When I originally composed this piece about two weeks ago I wrote it in a spirit of anger, wanting to get Vodafone back for chopping my credit, which is why the focus is primarily on their service, but since then I've calmed down yet will still post it with Voda as the focus because the same measures I advise to prevent you from losing unintended credit browsing using Voda can more or less be applied to all of the telecoms, like MTN, in Ghana. 1 - STAY COGNIZANT OF HOW MUCH DATA YOU ARE CONSUMING On most Vodafone chips when you have exhausted your internet bundle by default browsing charges will be deducted from your regular (not bonus) credit, which is not ideal since the pay-as-you-go rates are utterly ridiculous.  T