Be The Change Foundation

I'm currently working directly with an NGO called Be the Change Foundation that is run by an exceptional young entrepreneur and philanthropist named John "California" Eduafo (pictured above).  John is a resident of Elmina, which is where Be The Change Foundation is based, a coastal area of Ghana that is primarily known as being one of the historical centers of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.  

Be The Change Foundation was founded in 2014 as the Okyena-Ntsi Children Foundation, and the primary mission of this non-governmental organization is to provide free clothing, shelter, healthcare, education and nutritious food to children (especially orphans) and generally anyone who may be of need.  The motivating ideology of this organization, which has also inspired the recent name change, is for individuals to take initiative to bring about positive changes instead of waiting for others to do so - or as Mahatma Gandhi would say to "be the change you wish to see in the world".

Be The Change is directly affiliated with another company John founded called Authentic Ghana Tours, not an average tourism company but one that actually encourages and facilitates volunteerism, as pictured above and below with visitors John recently received this past September from Germany and the Netherlands.
Diet and exercise for that ass.
In the international arena Ghana is increasingly gaining a reputation as a hub of fraud, so if you want to effectively do charity in the Republic you have to find a reputable and effective means to do so that ideally would produce a result you can immediately see and feel.  When charity is done from the heart it's not about notoriety or monetary reward, and along that vein I won't write about the things John has and is doing for the citizens of his impoverished community but only for whatever it's worth recommend that any volunteers, donors or visitors strongly consider patronizing his services.


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