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Lotty Locks (Professional Dreadlocks Hair Salon)

Lotty is an empress I met a few years back when I first moved to Somanya.  She's an accomplished hairdresser specializing in dreadlocks, and in fact most of the Rastas you may meet in Somanya at some point have had their hair done by her, but as you can see from the video below she's a master hair-braider in general.   Video Size =  5MB Lotty's lil bro, Andy, sent me some pics of her work so that we can bigup her enterprise, and these images are so outstanding that I've decided to dedicate an entire blog post to them.  So I'll stop writing now and let the pics speak for themselves:     Man do I wish I can get one of the these bad boys, a dreadlocked mohawk!  Video Size = 1MB Lotty Locks (Professional Dreadlocks Hair Salon) is located on Akusi Road within walking distance of Somanya Roundabout, the most-recognized landmark in the area.  So even if you don't live in the area but want beautiful dreadlocks, plaiting or any other hairstyle don't hesitate to g

Keep Your Business Contact Information Accurate and Up-to-Date

Back in the old days every serious business had its own website.  Personalized websites are good for displaying contact information because the webmaster has practically unlimited space to display such details in any manner and as frequently as the business owner may like.  In the present day most businesses, including SMEs and sole proprietorships, use social-media sites like Facebook instead of building a site of their own.  Facebook is "free" and a great tool that is patronized by over a billion people, but using such sites, which are based on templates that offer only restricted malleability, comes at the cost of being limited in terms of how much data you can present, how and where it is presented, and in some cases you have to possess a certain level of computer knowhow, an attribute not all small business people possess or readily have access to, in order to effectively get your information displayed. That being said if like most of us you are using sites like FB to

Introducing GHfind!

I began this project over a year ago as .  The express purpose of Krobofind was to promote business in Kroboland.  Kroboland is a part of Ghana in the Eastern Region named after the indigenous people of the area (the Krobos), and I've resided here for the last 5+ years.  The idea of Krobofind dawned on me as I realized that all because I may be broke on a particular day that doesn't mean that everyone in the vicinity was down on cash, and if I could expedite the flow of money throughout the 'hood then there'd be happier days ahead for everyone! Krobofind didn't work out for a number of reasons, primary amongst them being that my strategy was off from the onset.  I had hired a couple of dudes who, including myself, would actually go out and manually collect information from local merchants, including pictures and prices of individual items for sale, and enter them into a searchable online database that was featured on our site.  This method proved to be