Freeware Review: Free OGV Video Converter

These days when most website designers feature videos on their sites, what they would do is first upload the clip onto YouTube and then embed it into their own webpage.  This is a cool option, but recently I decided to take a different route for a number of reasons.  For instance YouTube has the tendency to automatically play a really-short video twice (i.e. double its length by looping it), which I find really annoying.  So as an alternative, I wanted to try a technique which I haven't used in a long time - uploading a video onto my own web-hosting plan and then embedding it into a webpage using normal HTML code. When using the do-it-yourself method via HTML5, it is recommended that you upload three-different videos - i.e. the same clip but in three different formats.  Those formats would be MP4 , WEBM and OGV (aka OGG).  It's very easy to find a software/website to convert a video to MP4, though not so much WEBM.  Also finding an OGV converter can be challenging.  However

Vodafone - The Best Fraudulent Telecom in Ghana

I have sort of a love/hate relationship with Vodafone .  On one hand they have the best internet receptivity and by far more-affordable browsing bundles compared to their main competitor, MTN .  But on the other hand they regularly steal the balance left on their SIMs.  This is something I became aware of awhile back and accordingly never try to leave any credit over 20p on my Vodafone chip, because if I do for any length of time one way or another it will start to disappear.  This happened to me yet again today, as I've so far lost 70p before turning the chip off altogether to avoid any further gypping.  Then when I turned it back on to complete this post, an additional 50p has mysteriously disappeared.  But I already know how Vodafone gets down, so this isn't surprising me.  Rather the reason I'm particularly cheesed this time around is because I feel I was tricked into putting a large sum of credit onto the SIM in the first place. You see today I topped up a whopping 14

Uncompleted Houses w/ Land for Sale @ Gbetsile (Greater Accra Region)

Recently my lil homey Latif got the scoop on some uncompleted houses for sale in a part of Greater Accra known as Gbetsile.  Moreover the sales' package includes the land upon which the houses are situate.  In other words if you purchase the house then you get the piece of land underneath it also.  And there are three houses in total, located in a gated community.  Additionally each individual house, with its land, cost  GH¢65,000  - or $11,400 in American currency.   This is what we refer to as development real estate.  The fact that the foundation and other parts of the house are already built (as shown in the pics) saves the buyer the cost and hassle of having to do so on their own.  That is to say that they can just finish what the original builders have already started. Gbetsile is a part of the Greater Accra Region that some people may not have heard of.  I've never been there myself, but looking at it on Google Earth the most-general way to describe its location is as

Boyant Engineering Services (Elevator Installations in Ghana)

  A couple of days ago I found myself in a hospital in Ashaiman that had an elevator.  Honestly it's been years since I've seen an elevator, and I was even saying to one of the workers there like 'wow, an elevator'. Meanwhile, elevators are not what one would define as a recent technological development.  Indeed the owner of any structure that is at least three-storeys high should at least contemplate installing an elevator in the building.  Under such circumstances they are in fact necessary for the elderly, handicapped and infirmed.  Moreover you wouldn't want small children climbing up and down staircases on their own. And even as we speak, I live on a third storey.  Sometimes when carrying luggage or a lot of bags, I don't necessarily feel like traversing flights of stairs so burdened.  And yes, there will always be that person who says things like 'but it's good exercise'.  Yet what they fail to realize is that elevators are a staple of modern s

GHfind Music, GHfind News Being Put on Indefinite Hiatus

About a month ago I launched a new division of GHfind called GHfind Music .  That decision was driven more by the desire to create a venue for underground Ghanaian artists to make dough rather than profiting myself.  However things have not gone as idealized, as viewership to GHfind Music has been sparse.  Moreover it requires a time and resource commitment which, as circumstances have evolved, I am not presently willing to dedicate.  So for the time being, I figure it would be best to put GHfind Music on hold.  Indeed these days there appears to be sites popping up everywhere featuring innumerable musicians and their songs.  But that being said I'll still try to find a way to promote the artist, Tempo Music , I had featured on GHfind Music though more through the main site, not a subdomain. And along those same lines I've also decided to dead GHfind News .  All things considered, GHfind News was my personal favorite aspect of GHfind, as working on it kept me abreast with hea