Ghana Hotel Directory Being Added to GHfind Database

This project has not been progressing as idealized.  For instance I always envisioned GHfind as a street-based initiative, whereas agents would be on the roadside actively gathering contact information on various businesses.  But implementing this ideology in an expeditious fashion has proven to be a hindrance.  So now, in the name of not letting the site stagnate, I'm once again resorting to gathering information via the internet.
And what I will be working over the next couple of weeks is adding the information from a directory of hotels in Ghana posted by the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), meaning that it is official.
This list was created back in 2017.  So adding it isn't just a matter of cutting and pasting.  Instead some research has to be conducted, as much as reasonably possible, to find out if said institutions are still in existence.  As such those that cannot be verified will not be added to the database itself.
But as aforementioned the GTA is a reliable source of…

Change of Blog Address

Within the next 72 hours, I'm putting the online-searchable database which is at the heart of this project back online.  That service will be accessible via the internet address
As of the writing of this post, if you were to go to that URL it will instead take you to this blog.  Therefore, I now have to change the address of this blog.  So in the year future, the GHfind blog will instead be available at:
There's a possibility that the new address will be temporary.  That's another way of saying that I may get it its own unique URL in the future.  So just to be safe, I want to also make the reader aware of the root URL of this blog also, which is:
In other words no matter what other addresses may point to this blog in the future, it can always be accessed via the Blogger URL listed above (so long as it continues to be hosted by Blogger).
That being said, I'm really glad that the database will be back online soon.  For a…

GHfind Phone Numbers Formatted to Receive International Calls

GHfind (and by extension Krobofind) is created to encourage virtually-instant contact between merchants and customers.  As such the site is designed in such a way whereas when a user conducts a search, a hyperlinked telephone number will appear.  On the webpage itself, the number will appear in its local format, as in a three-digit prefix followed by seven-digit number.  So let's take a look at the following hypothetical example:
024 would be the prefix, specifically in this case MTN Ghana.
In actuality, unlike other parts of the world, the number will not work unless you use the prefix (even if the caller is on the same network).  So you can say the entire 10 digits is actually the telephone number.  But the above example is how it would be dialed locally, if one person in Ghana were calling another.  If however someone from outside were calling, it would have to be formatted as so:
00233-24-123-4567 or +233-24-123-4567
In other words the first digit (which is always…

Krobofind Now Back Online

I'm proud to announce that Krobofind is now back online, after being off for what I believe would have been a couple of years now.
The database is really terse at the moment, as unfortunately some of the contacts pointing specifically to Kroboland were lost when they were re-extracted from what we've thus far collected for the rest of Ghana.  However the plan is to get some agents on the roads soon to start collecting fresh information.
Unlike last time, the current plan is not to incorporate a lot of multimedia into website.  Instead I want it to be really, really easy-to-use in terms of fulfilling its primary purpose, which is providing the contact information for businesses in Kroboland.  As such other sites like Facebook and YouTube will likely be used for Krobofind's multimedia purposes, at least for the time being.