BulkSMS Ghana Cheated Me Out of GH¢10

I don't want to jump of the ledge and label BulkSMS Ghana a fraud, but things are sure looking that way, at least based on my own personal experience with them.  Yes, in the grand scheme of things ¢10GH, which as of the writing of this article only comes out to less than $2.00USD, is an inconsequential amount of money.  But as a concerned consumer I had to write this article nonetheless, to warn others who may be on the verge of sending BulkSMS Ghana their hard-earned money to do your due diligence beforehand. Now I must be honest and say that I knew there was a possibility that something wasn't right even before sending them any money.  How?  Well first of all after registering and visiting the client area of their site, i.e. the dashboard from which you can send out SMS, there is no way to contact the company therein whatsoever.  For instance, you may notice that at the bottom of the left side panel there is a "Help" tab: But when you click on it, this is what it b

GHfind News Going Under

GHfind News is a project I started about a year and-a-half ago.  Most of the work that goes into GHfind is actually done behind the scenes, consisting primarily of research and associated data entry.  So the primary purpose of the news component was that by viewing it, visitors would know that the overall site is actively being worked on.  In other words a daily visitor for instance may falsely conclude that the project is not being updated since the main pages are only modified semi-regularly.  But by contrast, at least ideally speaking, the news page was visibly modified daily.  And also on a more personal level, working on GHfind News kept me abreast of current events not only in Ghana but also the world at large. But even 'til now, some 18 months later, the news component's viewership numbers are uninspiring.  Also like any labor, working on GHfind News is time consuming - i.e. minutes, hours and days that can rather be dedicated to expanding the database itself, which lie

It's Time for Telecoms to Start Investing in MoMo Vendor Security

A system like MoMo (aka mobile money) cannot exist in the United States, at least not as it is practiced in Ghana.  I'm making this assertion as someone who grew up stateside, and I believe that few people who have actually resided in America would argue that statement.  If in the States you had people on the roadside acting as mini-banking institutions without ample security, they would be robbed regularly.  However the Gateway to Africa possesses a vigilante culture which deters many of the types of small-time thieves that are in abundance across the Atlantic. But then of course there are also those of the don't-give-AF variety that can be found in any country.  Such individuals may well be at their all-time peak considering that popular movies, television shows and videogames in which murderers, robbers and other violent criminals are presented as protagonists are also at an all-time high.  And yes, most of this content is in fact coming from the West, but Ghana has its issu

List of Services Categorized in the GHfind Database

This is an ever-evolving list, so interested parties are encouraged to visit regularly.  Since doing precise searches on GHfind may prove burdensome to some users, the purpose of this listing is to delineate all of the different classifications of businesses currently therein.  But as a reminder, if for instance you're searching for an educational institution, the best way to do it would be by entering the search term +educational +institution .  If however you simply enter educational institution then some unrelated businesses, such as government institutions, will also show up in the results. Also to note, considering that the database is pretty massive and ever-evolving, I'm not trying to compile this entire list in one day.   New types of businesses are being added all the time, or som etimes the name of an already existing category may be modified in the name of streamlining.  So that is why I feel a need to reiterate that if you really want to stay abreast of the types

GHfind Database Reaches 1000th Entry (Finally)

This past week GHfind reached a milestone, as the 1000th business entity has been added to the database.  Yes, it took a lot longer to reach this point then I had idealized.  But the truth of the matter is that maintaining the database is very-painstaking work, which I don't always have as much time to dedicate to as I would like.  But still a milestone is a milestone and something to be celebrated.  And the fact that the site has been attracting an increasing number of visitors in recent months indicates that GHfind is in and of itself viable. A screenshot of the current GHfind Business Contact Information Submission page . For the most part, I have been doin g the data collection for compiling the database myself.  And at this rate, considering that there are innumerable businesses in Ghana, it may never be completed in my lifetime.  That is why I put a page up on the website whereas visitors can submit their own business-contact information.  Said page hasn't quite caught